Newgrounds and Youtube are the SAME THING!

2007-08-23 18:19:58 by Chrispy

...Well, not exactly BUT, the amount of ignorant people that come to this wonderful site everyday and see live action, 3D animated, movie dubs or even stop motion animated original movies and say that "NG IZ FER TEH FLASH ONLAY! GO BACK TO YOUTUBE! 0/10!!!!!!", is staggeringly disappointing to say the least.

New Grounds is a website where film makers and game makers can come to show their work. The fucking title reads, and I quote, "EVERYTHING, by EVERYONE. Not "FLASH ONLY by SOME PEOPLE". And I'll admit that ever since claymation got real big here because of people like Knox and then Tom Fulp adding the clay section and so many other talented clay artists putting their work here, that the moronic individuals roaming the portal claiming that stop motion doesn't belong here has subsided, HOWEVER, it has NOT gone away and the amount is still WAY to big with clay being as big a part of this place as it is.

Anyway, there has been acclaimed short movies in all of the NON- Flash animated alternatives to make movies. I myself submit a variety of things to the portal of both stop motion and live action. And for some reason, because I didn't animate it in Flash, ignorant jack asses get all pissed off and rate my movies (which are actually good) low and leave bad reviews (However, none of my movies have been rejected and several of them have gotten fairly high scores). This happens to countless people, often on worse levels and it needs to be stopped. Newgrounds is here for EVERYONE to show off their work, and seeing as all of these other ways of film making have not only been accepted BUT featured on the NG front page at some point or another, I say it's time for these people to get with the times.

It's time for people to realize that NG does not "= FLASH!", as one of my friends once said, "NG= .swf", and if someone presents a good movie in an swf file and puts it on this website, they certainly should NOT be shunned and insulted by ignorant bastards, defending a Flash Animation only Newgrounds that never was. If it's SWF, has a preloader and a replay button, take a fucking look at it and get over it. Rate it based on how good it is. And don't give those artists that work so hard some fucking one line review like "good but, not the right place" or "GO BACK TO YOUTUBE!!!>:(" or something retarded like that.

That's what I have to say, and if you argue that I'm actually wrong in what I've said, then you are simply proving my point further.

,Chris Palmieri

EDIT:: Okay, well, to answer some comments that were left:

-I was referring to actual, well made movies, not crappy V-Blogs and pictures of Dogs. I was referring to the creative aspect.

-It takes a lot of work to do live action stuff, as a person who does both, I can tell you that it is easier in some ways and harder in others.

-NewGrounds was made to host movies and games in the swf format. Flash just happens to export it. You technically cannot put a movie on NG without using Flash to some extent, it's not like we hack the portal to make it accept wmv files or something. Then I'd understand and agree with the "go back to youtube" reviews.

-My last submission wasn't an advertisement. I always post youtube links because of NG's file limit, I offer my viewers the chance to see my work in their highest quality and in rare cases, fullest lengths.

-I wasn't trying to say my videos were underrated necessarily. I was trying to say that even if they don't like it, they should actually watch it and review it as a movie, not some sort of blasphemy.

-I understand that Flash animation's art aspect is more apparent because of the way it is drawn but, would you argue that any less thought and art went into the meticulous camera angles, hours of editing and live action acting performance than did your scene drawing, character design and voice work?

-So, some of you would say that shitty Flash belongs here more than quality made live action?

-I am completely against stealing videos and TV shows and putting them on youtube, I believe strictly on user based content, and luckily NG had a more firm policy on it and isn't being sued. I respect that and it further backs up my reasoning as to why original work of all kinds should be allowed here without idiots scolding it. The work I am referring to would obviously have to be original and well made.

-The next person to talk IS in fact gay.

-Thanks to those who agreed with me.

...All I'm saying is that quality movies of all calibers should be here at NG without the blatant ignorance.


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2007-08-23 18:24:20

Another thing, I was referring to ACTUAL MOVIES, not webcam V-Blogs or anything.


2007-08-23 18:37:50

Recording your shows isn't art, like animating is. You might be funny and all but still wouldn't belong to Newgrounds, which is originally for flash.

I have seen your last submission and you put a link to Youtube there, therefore the video is obviously prentended to have a showcase there. Submitting here a short clip, is, from my point of view, a try to advertise yourself in as many websites as possible. I've also seen Knox and I dislike the whole claymation stuff, but I recognise that making the clay characters takes an effort. Stop motion movies (Dustball is the better example) can be really good and require creativity to make something enjoyable.

Okay okay you might have written the jokes of your monologues and stuff, but if you want to be recognised for that branch of humor, go try Paramount Comedy, instead of trying in a website in which 97% of the stuff has been drawn.

Let's keep the internet organised.


2007-08-23 18:49:03

Oh boo hoo. It comes with the territory. You can't come onto a Flash site and not expect any guff.

Also, if you fancy yourself a good writer, try as quickly as possible to grow out of childish turns of phrase like "If you argue, you only prove my point!". It's no different than when grade 4 kids would yell things like "Next person to talk is gay!" Logic should carry your point.


2007-08-23 18:52:54



2007-08-23 19:09:53 are right and definitely pissed


2007-08-23 19:54:25

NG was designed to host flash movies. I do think it would be nice to have other types added in. But I would prefer to keep it flash. Considering people like me would rather animate with a computer not a camera.


2007-08-23 20:53:18

well ya gotta see it as where this site came from it started as a FLASH portal and that's all but back then flash didn't have the capabilities that it does now like full on video. I guess it's just that times they are a changing. I remember i started using flash back in like 96 or 97. And it was hard to make a line move across the screen. I guess my only big complaint about those types of movies is that they aren't really made in flash. you use a myriad of other programs and make the movie, then just import it into flash. In a sence you are not actually making a flash movie. You are using flash as a delivery system for a movie you have made already. This is where people tend to get pissy. They want to see a beautiful work of art that was made IN FLASH and to be viewed on a FLASH website. If you notice in the menu, it still says FLASH PORTAL and not video portal. Hell maybe they should just cave in and start a video portal.


2007-08-23 21:37:03

Your videos have definitely been rated fairly. Your stuff is good, but it doesn't stand out. If you made the same jokes in flash, it would probably do just as well unless you were really good with animation. And that would only bring up the score because of the extra effort. If you want great scores and a big fanbase, you need to work on your material.

And don't make something that you think people will laugh at. You'll just set yourself up to be disappointed when they don't. Make stuff that you enjoy and you laugh at. If other people laugh, that's a bonus. None of the good stuff on newgrounds comes from planned success. It just happens.


2007-08-23 21:41:21

I totally agree. I almost always only do flash animations and games, but as a joke, I make a loop called "Tom Fulp Doesnt change facial expessions" and there were several comments (Most were deleted) like: "Go BAck TO YTMND FAG! 0/10"
When it says "Every thing by every one, so i have the right to post it and if you dont like it, then get off.


2007-08-23 22:17:44

:Another thing, I was referring to ACTUAL MOVIES, not webcam V-Blogs or anything.

*laughs because it's possible to edit your posts*


2007-08-23 22:45:17

First off, when it says "everything by everyone" it doesn't mean you can put whatever the hell you want on here they do have restrictions, second anyone who says that youtube and NG are the same is retarded, third people on here worked for months and possibly years to create somthing truly good (of course youtube has PivotmasterDX). And fourth when people say go back to youtube they have a right to simply because there are people who submit grade A crap on here (Kitty Krew). And so ends my statment.


2007-08-23 22:50:34

your dumb...people steal shit on dont do that here you whore


2007-08-23 23:37:53

GTFO our internetz.

You Youtube fanboy.


2007-08-23 23:51:52

Djnet has a good point. This brings me to another thing. I hate seeing things on Newgrounds being put on Youtube and that starts a fucking craze all over the place. It happened at my school with Charlie the Unicorn. It's absordiculous.


2007-08-24 02:08:12

Even though it says Everything by Everyone, doesn;t mean that we can't express our opinion. I think movies like the ones you talk don't belong here because NG is about submitting pieces of art that are made by yourselfs. Ofcourse, you might think that acting is an art on its self but that's not what NG is about.

Think about it. The possibility to submit multiple files can be made, but has not been used for this site for one reason only and that's because this a Flash site.

Saying you may submit what you want just because the title is Everything by Everyone is typical for someone with no good arguement. What if this would never have been chosen to be the NG slogan? Then you would not have any (shitty) arguement.
If you want to be a bitch about shit like this, go fucking read EVERYTHING before you write this. Example: go to the portal and read on left " Click here to submit your FLASH WORK to the NG portal"

Second, got to the 'about' section and read this: "1. Newgrounds is the original - and still the largest - Flash portal on the web."

Third, the 'faq' section: "Newgrounds is a website for people who love to make Flash games and movies and those who love them. The focal point of NG is the Flash Portal, where users submit their homemade games and movies so that other users may view and critique them."

I believe that makes the score 3 for Vincoid and 0 for Dipshit.

Chrispy responds:

What did Dipshit have to say? I missed his post!


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